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The GuestHouse

The guest house is being built in the holy city of Nkamba with primarily the financial contributions of the diaspora Kimbanguist living in Great Britain hence … the name Great Britain Guest House. However anyone who wishes to contribute is welcomed.

This house will be the place where Papa SKK will house his VIP

Who are these VIP guests?

The guesthouse will have:

  1. 10 en-suite bedrooms
  2. 3 VIP rooms
  3. Disabled facilities
  4. Meeting rooms
  5. Childrens play area
  6. Wash room
  7. VIP Car park
  8. Driver's accomodation

But why the Holy City? Why should we build in this city?
The holy city of nkamba New Jerusalem is father Simon Kimbangu and his three children birth place. Nkamba is the New Jerusalem where dwell God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and God the Holy Spirit. Nkamba New Jerusalem is the accomplishment of God promise. Following the relapse of disobedience shown by the people of Israel toward God, Lord Jesus Christ had told the Pharisees that “the kingdom of God will be taken away from them and be given to the nation that will bear fruits (Matthew 21:43). Father Simon Kimbangu was the chosen one to continue God‘s and therefore Jesus Christ unfinished work. Christ had revealed to us that he is his special envoy and that the city of Nkamba is truly a divine promise of the lord. Ezekiel 47:1-12. The New Jerusalem, the holy city of God our father, God the son, Jesus Christ our saviour and God the Holy Spirit.