Kimbanguist Church, French in full Église De Jésus-christ Sur La Terre Par Le Prophète Simon Kimbangu, (“Church of Jesus Christ on Earth Through the Prophet Simon Kimbangu”), largest independent African church and the first to be admitted (in 1969) to the World Council of Churches. It takes its name from its founder, Simon Kimbangu, a Baptist mission catechist of the Lower Congo region, who in April 1921 inaugurated a mass movement through his miraculous healings and biblical teaching.


In the middle of Nkamba we have a temple Fourteen years before the fall of Jerusalem, Prophet Ezekiel had a vision of the future temple which was transported on the high mountain through the power of the lord and a group of buildings that looked like a city. From there, a man having bronze appearance showed him different elements of the future temple of the New Jerusalem (Ezekiel 47:1-12). Read it carefully step by step then you will find that the temple of Nkamba New Jerusalem is truly the one that God showed to Ezekiel. Nkamba New Jerusalem is placed on the green hills. At the bottom of the hills there are some sources of water flowing slowly from the bowels of the hills. Water gushes from beneath the actual entrance is a little forward towards the East. Water flows from the south side of the temple. At the eastern gate, water flows south of that door, down to the bottom of the hill towards Ngombe Kinsuka.

Here Are Some Historical and Spiritual Sites that you will find in Nkamba New Jerusalem: