We provide a range of services, including...

Domestic cleaning

We carry out domestic cleaning operations for our clients between the hours of 9am-5pm so you can return From home to a pristine and relaxing environment. Our employees take responsibility for each clean and tailor each job to your exact specifications. Your cleaner can bring with them or the necessary equipment or should you prefer, use your products on sight.

Rate of cleaner:
An individual cleaner has a flat rate of £8 plus £12 per hour (minimum 1 hour) Team of 2 has flat rate of £12 plus £18 per 1/2 (minimum 1/2)

Office and Corporate spaces

We understand that customer perception contributes greatly to your business and brand identity. Presentation of your front of house space is paramount in making a positive last impression for your clients, visitors and staff. We are experience and capable of providing for you the highest quality contract cleaning services. We appreciate that every consumer has different requirements and aim to work around our clients and premises without interruption. A clean work space will ensure that you have one less factor to worry about; minimising the risk of illnesses and infections. This is the beginning of the development of creating an environment that breeds success.

After cleaning

We also offer after building works for our clients. Builders aren't considerate of the mess they leave but we do! We won't only clean your space, we'll also make any adjustments to any furniture to fit its new look to make it look even better.